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We get more traffic to your website from people ready to buy. The aim is simple. The process is not. That’s why we do it for you.


We are the Pay Per Click Industry Leaders

We don’t do SEO, Social Media or Websites, and that’s why you should hire us!

The promise from marketing companies is real. They want to do it all. That’s nice. We have been there before too, and the jack-of-all-trades approach works for a while. Then things get messy and people end up spread too thinly. That’s why we focus on being the best at PPC, and we are. Let us show you…

Marketing Strategy

Whether you need more traffic or want to turn more leads into sales, we will sit down with you and give you our best advice. We use our years of experience to bring you the right leads, to create the best clients and customers.

Pay Per Click

If it’s more traffic to an existing website, remarketing, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords or you’re not even sure, speak to us. We know this space better than anyone.

Landing Pages and Email Marketing

You stick to what you do, while we create for you the most effective sales funnels possible. Whether it’s a one step, or five step marketing funnel you are after, we can build it and then you will own it. In more ways than one!

Our Clients Like Us Too

We can talk about how good we are until the cows come home, but so can anyone. The real proof is not only in what our clients experience of us, but how our work has changed their businesses. We hear day in day out from businesses who are wary of “marketing companies” who promise the world and underdeliver. Our aim is simple, we do PPC advertising. That is it. The difference is, we are the industry leaders.
We will let our clients tell you the rest…

Web traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

But online success isn’t just about quantity of traffic… it’s also about quality. Our aim is to get the right traffic, and plenty of it, to your site. Not just random passersby, but people who are already primed to opt-in for your offer, purchase your product, or engage with your services.

No gimmicks. No fads

We’re not going to try to convince you the latest social media “secret trick” will change everything and we think website design should be done by website designers.

We spend all day, every day, being the very best PPC Advertisers.



We have spent over 2 million dollars on behalf of clients on PPC a year (yes, that’s how well we know the PPC landscape!)



While the other agencies are searching for the next hot (overrated) trick, we’re gathering PPC analytics so that our campaigns are based on facts and hard data, not intuition and fads.



We turn your PPC advertising investments into profits. That’s our only goal. That’s why no one does PPC better than us.



We are not interested in how many “likes” your Facebook page has or what’s “trending” on Twitter. We care about finding you paying customers.

Case Studies

Foundr Magazine

Facebook and Instagram Marketing eBook download for 85 cents and doubling the amount of webinar sign ups.

PPC Empire worked with Foundr magazine to maximise their product sales through Facebook and Instagram.

The strategy for this account was to offer a free eBook with an upsell to a free masterclass where attendees were presented with the paid premium product.
PPC Empire were able to reduce the cost per eBook dowload to 85 cents and the cost per webinar sign up to $3. The strategy saw the number of webinar sign ups doubling as a result of Facebook traffic.

Additionally a highly targeted facebook remarketing campaign after the webinar allowed us to achieve 4-5 additional premium product sales per week, from Facebook remarketing alone.

Credit Counsellors

Facebook, Adwords Management and Landing Page Optimization Tripled the volume of leads for our client, with an average cost of lead $45.59

Credit Counsellors provide debt consolidation services and their account provides a great example of the synergy between Adwords and Facebook strategies.

PPC Empire created a number of landing pages for split tests and ran Facebook and AdWords campaigns concurrently. The Combination of remarketing and page conversion optimisation allowed us to bring the cost per lead down to under $80.

The major game changer for this account was the introduction of Facebook Lead Forms. Strategically developed ad forms allowed us to reduce the cost per qualified lead to under $40, this tripled the volume of leads for the client.

Real Wealth

Adwords Managment and Landing Page Optimization.
36% conversion rate on the page, with an average cost of lead $28.59

Real Wealth were another client who had generated minimal leads through their AdWords account. We knew there were vast opportunities for their product to do well using AdWords and as a result started with defining a strong offer to target their audience.

PPC Empire optimised the account by isolating traffic sources and specific industry search terms, as well as testing various landing page funnels.

These changes saw us achieve 300 leads in the first two months with a 36% conversion rate on the page, and an average lead cost of $28.59.

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