In this interview Dave really does prove that he is more than a pretty face (we are still not sure about Charley, we will let you be the judge there!).

Dave and Charley dive into SEO, that frightening little acronym that has business owners running for the hills at its mere mention.

Dave generously gives us his predictions of what is going to be big in SEO in 2016, firstly by admitting that it is progressively getting harder and harder to game the system and get quick wins and easy rankings.

Not all hope is lost, though, as Dave gives some special hints, tips and insight into where to put the hard work in and how you can get great rankings in a cost effective, efficient manner.

Dave is the CEO of Melbourne SEO Services. They are Melbourne’s most trusted SEOs. If you are looking for SEO services they are their own best example – simply Google “Melbourne SEO” and see for yourself!

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