Charley had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Rhodes for this interview. For those who don’t know Mike is pretty much the guy who wrote the book on Google AdWords and as such runs one of the World’s leading AdWords agencies.

Mike chats about where AdWords is headed in 2016 and makes some very interesting points about the “rise of the machines.” Mike believes this year will be the year when automation, including scripts, will really go mainstream. In his reasoning Mike makes an awesome point that whilst computers might beat humans, when humans and computers join together they are formidable. Could this be the year we work more with machines, and less independently?

Mike is the founder and director of WebSavvy and through his guidance WebSavvy has been building profit for companies all over the world as well as training thousands of PPC marketers. If you want a decent schooling on AdWords then Mike is your man, you can find him at .

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